Musical Journey #2: You Are Able

You Are Able


All right then, take two.

As I might have mentioned before, the entire purpose of this musical journey I am undertaking is quite selfish. I’m pursuing knowledge, that ultimate of mammon: on each song, I’m focusing on some aspect of music-making that I feel I should study until I can confidently converse on said topic with the any of the best chin-wagging muso’s.

For this song, the focus was on EQ. And I’m afraid after all my studying I still don’t feel confident about EQ. Cautiously excited, maybe. Confident, no.

If you’ve ever attempted any recording, you’ll have heard of EQ – a kind of mysterious, shadowy figure at the back of the room, sitting quietly with his drink and trying his best to look harmless, but you’re no fool – you know he’s got a whole army’s worth of ammunition hidden in that voluminous coat. And you’re right, he does.

The good news though, is that he’s on your side. Or at least he will be, after you watch my breakdown on the subject.


For the rest of you with no interest in making powerful allies, you can just listen to the song. Later (I promise!) I’ve got a more in depth post coming on the shaping process of this song, on how it has shaped me.

As always, please let me know what you think of this song. Sent me a bullet-point list of things wrong with it. Or write an essay. Or even, a blog post, I might read that.


Check out my previous blog post for a handy tip chart.

You can download a bunch of free spectrum analyzers here and free linear phase equalizers here.

A basic EQ walkthrough of a track

EQ: How & When to Use It

A whole session on EQ tuts and tips

Putting an EQ on the main stereo out

Mixerman’s EQ Basics

An EQ Chart



In preparation for my upcoming song You Are Able I’ve made this simple poster with some hints as to what EQ settings you’re likely to apply to different instruments/vocals. It’s a very handy list to jog your memory, or a good starting place, when applying EQ’s.

For this soon-to-be-posted song I focused on getting EQ under my belt (as I’m sure you must have gathered by now). I’ll be sharing more with you soon!



This post is inspired by a song called Pardon Me – check it out first!

I remember us, children all, sitting in battered couches in the lounge, our father telling us about the twin brothers Jacob and Esau. I related to Jacob, who sounded like a nerd, a skinny bugger like me – he wasn’t much good at hunting or cooking meals for his dad or marrying Canaanite women or suchlike manly pursuits. Thus, his mother encourages him to man up, in a pretty sneaky way, and Jacob steals what’s rightfully Esau’s by way of Esau being firstborn: the blessing of the Father. Which is a pretty nifty compass in the direction of Christ the surrogate, and salvation.

But what was most impressed upon my plasticine mind, was later in the story.

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Musical Journey #01: Pardon Me


Hello! My name is Jonan, and I’m here to share with you the musical journey of a song called Pardon Me.

Obviously I’m still pretty terrible at this. I did 4 takes, in fact, before deciding #&*! it, if I don’t get started now, I’m never going to get anywhere.

So here goes. Boom.

// Watch the breakdown //

// Listen over at SoundCloud or Bandcamp //

There’ll be another video coming later this month, hopefully more in depth and better narrated too, cos I know I can, and it’s a more interesting song mix wise – got some good funky elements to it. Also, a more philosophical post on what the song actually means to me.

And please, feedback. Feed me back, in other words. Or back my feed. Or something like that. I really need to hear how much I’m sucking so I can improve.

Plans for the rest of the shortening year

At the beginning of 2013, I’d resolved to be putting out content regularly. It was, and is, an exciting thought – one that I’d thought much about towards the end of 2012.

However, February has just flitted by us, and I still haven’t put anything out (apart from this). How did that happen?

In January our SuperSport production took longer than expected (as it always has done before) and I was putting in some crazy long hours. In February we were looking for a house, and finally got that sorted out, as well as setting up a temporary spot to do some recording (we have no recording studio at present, sob).

So – onwards upwards.

My plan for this year is (still) to release a new music track every month, and do a video on each song – from the songwriting to the recording to the mixing. I don’t claim to be an expert at music production, or even very good. But I’ve got a two year headstart on anyone else just starting off, and if I can provide some inspiration and maybe a lil’ bit of tech info to get you started, I’ll have overshot my goals.